The Bad Thing That Happens To Good People


Subjecting you to my inane and insane ranting and babbling...if you bother to look.


I haven't decided what to put here yet. Photography maybe? Quite possibly.


I also haven't decided what to put here yet. Yeah, I don't know why I put a leaf.

Crumb Stash

Recipes for homemade dog treats! Give your dogs a healthier option!


This page is nothing special…though I know that’s painfully obvious. It’s mostly for my own benefit. A place to host pictures, practice my bad ass html skills (and now joomla skills), back up files, rant and rave, post stuff that few (if any) will ever see, annoy people, etc. Not sure how you came upon my page, but kudos to you. Here’s a cookie.

This is more for my own mental health, my sanity, my blood pressure and your own safety, rather than anything you might be interested in reading. But it’s a necessity. It’s a way for me to release all the pent up anger that I acquire throughout the week…throughout the day…basically every waking moment. From the nimrods I encounter throughout the day, to just about anything and everything. Trust me, these rants are for the best.

One last note. While I’m on the topic on ranting, I just want to make this teeny tiny announcement:

photoshop-not-for-sale-dissolve-blend-stamp-000THIS DOMAIN IS NOT FOR SALE!

That’s right. Not for sale. is mine! You can’t have it. So stop emailing me asking how much I want for it, because you’re not going to get it. Period.
So you get nothing!
You lose!
Good day, sir!


1207904_origThis Page Is Under Construction!
Please be patient while I work out the kinks and finish slapping it all together.

Not that anyone really visits my website, it’s more of a personal page for my own purposes, but just in case one of you stumble upon it, I figured I’d let you know that it is undergoing changes.

Recipes for homemade dog treats! Biscuits, Frozen, Jerky, Dehydrated and more! Give your dogs a healthier option to store-bought treats!